Island Water was started in 2015 by Pete Wilson.  We are a registered water carrier with the Ministry of Health. Water is delivered in stainless steel tankers. We have a 7000 Litre truck for small deliveries, a 8500 Litre truck for medium sized deliveries and a 10,000 Litre truck for larger deliveries.


Pete is a well driller with 16 years experience and personally drilled the water bore for the business, which is located on Seaview Road. He believes this is without a doubt the best bore he has come across on Waiheke. It has an Iron content of 0.021, and all other mineral counts are also excellent. Everyone who has tasted our water says they cannot tell the difference from rain water. It is so good it did not require any filtration at all. However, we have installed a 3 stage filter system and a UV disinfectant system for peace of mind. 


For all bulk deliveries please book online.  We are open 8-5, 6 days a week.

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